The Sano Story

When I created Sano Café, I wanted to provide our community with a place to gather for a healthy meal or beverage. But I also wanted to be able to share insights on the health benefits of products we offer. Whether it is something to add in to one of our menu items – such as a moringa, to make your smoothie nutritiously green -- or something you might purchase in the café – try Moon Juice dust! – we at Sano strive to assist in your health-minded goals. 

I must emphasize I am not an expert on any subject, nor do I have a degree in nutrition. However, the knowledge I have comes from years of learning from nutritional coaches, naturopathic professionals and experts in the health and wellness industry. My “common sense” approach to health was built on years of simply taking an interest in food and what nutrients can do for the mind and body. The biggest thing I I have learned is that your body will tell you what you need, based on how you feel. You need to listen to your body.

Customers continually ask me about the benefits of the products we serve and sell, so this space will be dedicated to answering those questions. I also hope it inspires you to think more about what you eat and what supplements may do for your body.

You don’t have to do everything at once -- or at all, for that matter. Just use the information as a spring board for your thoughts and inspiration to do things in your daily routine to help you feel better.

It is no surprise that it takes motivation to achieve health goals. But I believe there’s a formula for feeling good about ourselves that is easier to achieve than you might imagine: Live life. Laugh a lot. Exercise. And feed your body with nutrient-rich foods. This is what the Sano lifestyle is all about.

Lisa Nordstrom  

Lisa NordstromSano Cafe