Join us, November 29! Secrets to a Happy, Healthy, SANE Holiday Season!


Join Holistic Health & Life Coach, Vanessa Bassett, and Sano Cafe owner, Lisa Nordstrom, for a workshop on nutrition, self-care and mindset tips to help you manage the holiday season with balance and ease!  
We will be offering treats and sampling some of our drinks and add-ins at 6:30 p.m., workshop begins at 7 p.m.

There is limited space for 30 guests so please RSVP to to reserve your spot now!

Vanessa Bassett is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Life Coach. She grew up on Mercer Island, earned a BFA in Apparel Design from RISD, and worked for fifteen years as a Fashion Designer in New York City. She still loves design, but the demands of 70 hour work weeks and constant world travel pushed her to look for a healthier life. Her quest to create a fulfilling life where health, career, and family could all thrive in balance led her to study natural healing, nutrition, personal development and counseling with the same passion she has for design. 

Vanessa combines practical strategy and the latest science-based health and nutrition information with creative problem-solving and an intuitive, heart-centered approach. She specializes in helping clients prioritize self-care to reduce stress, increase energy and gain the confidence and clarity they need to live a life they love. Vanessa offers community workshops, as well as group programs and individual coaching.
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